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Tigani Lux

Clothing in Lennox Head

About Tigani Lux

Tigani Lux is an Ethical Lifestyle Fashion Label Local to Byron Bay. Featuring Elegant Clothing in Natural Fibres, Leather Handbags, Accessories and Jewellery. Our Range is Locally Designed in Byron Bay. Exclusive to Our Online Boutique and in Our Byron Bay Flagship Store. Tigani Lux means Travelling Luxury.


Our collections focus on beautiful hand made fabrics and low impact materials. Our fabrics carry a certificate confirming the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of the local people and workers.
With mindful consideration of sustainability always at the forefront of our productions.
We have found more enjoyment and balance in releasing and producing pieces as they naturally evolve rather than pushing for seasons.
This change has led us to a more sustainable way of life with our work and more importantly our young family.
As an artist’s work builds over time, so do our collections build, creating a body of work that is relevant all year round.
We know our pieces will bring you continual enjoyment for many moons. In the meantime, we will enjoy bringing you naturally beautiful fashion from the heart, produced in harmony with the planet and those living in it.
Yours respectfully
TL    xx

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